The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal

The poppy has been a symbol of remembrance for over 100 years.

The poppy became the symbol of Remembrance and hope for a peaceful future in the aftermath of the First World War. Since 1921, the poppy has been at the heart of the annual Poppy Appeal. When you buy a red Royal British Legion (RBL) poppy, the money raised goes to our current Armed Forces and our 2.5 million veterans.

The Royal British Legion launched its annual campaign urging people to wear red poppies in support of the Armed Forces in the run-up to Remembrance Day and Remembrance Sunday.

For the first time in a generation, some of the poppies that were sold had been redesigned so were made from 100% paper, and existing stock was mixed with the new poppies.

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Unlike previous years, they no longer have plastic stems or centres. Existing poppies with plastic can be recycled at Sainsbury’s supermarkets, as the Royal British Legion clears out its remaining stock.

But where do the funds raised by the appeal go and what are they used for?

Where does the money go?

Donations from the sale of poppies go directly towards helping the Armed Forces community, in lots of different ways.

This includes providing financial advice to veterans, as well as other support.

Here is some of the support the Legion was able to organise in 2022:

·        22,126 people who were in need of help in the UK or one of 39 other countries across the world received assistance from the RBL.

·         13,399 grants were awarded, totalling £10.9 million. This includes crisis and energy grants, as well as grants to provide practical solutions that help individuals with mobility, housing, and household items.

·         £6,645,585 in backdated benefits, benefits appeals, and debt write-offs was negotiated by the RBL for members of the Armed Forces community in need.

·         The RBL’s Branch Community Support programme arranged 59,560 calls to 17,990 members of the Armed Forces community.

·         2,084 people received home visits as part of the RBL’s Branch Community Support programme

·         The RBL’s Benefits, Debt and Money Advice service helped 2,000 people, securing a total of £10m worth of debt relief

·         1,170 people received guidance from the RBL’s War and Armed Forces Compensation service.

Last year, we raised £4K in the district, and the 2023 total will be known soon. The Long Ashton Branch would like to thank all those who contributed financially to the appeal or helped in any way.

Words by: David Addis, LA Poppy Appeal organiser
Tel: 0780 181 6612

Main image: courtesy of the Royal British Legion website