Over 100 volunteers turn up for mass hedge planting

6,500 whips to be planted in Long Ashton in a project to plant more hedgerows within the village

When out with my dog this morning, I stumbled across a mass of people gathered under the bypass complete with a make-shift café serving hot drinks and cakes… Walking up the cricket club path, I noticed something different – on my right was a lovely newly-planted hedgerow, sown by a band of volunteers.

The hedgerow is part of a new project to plant almost 2km of hedging to link up two parcels of ancient woodland, funded by the Forest of Avon. Over 100 volunteers are already supporting the project, including residents from Long Ashton, Nailsea, Blackwell, South Bristol, Wrington, Winscombe and others. 

The project is a joint venture with Bridge Farm, North Somerset Council, Forest of Avon and Long Ashton Nature Community and Environment Trust. LANCETrust said of the project: “We hope one of the most ambitious hedge planting projects in the whole of North Somerset will tip the balance towards hope by creating a more resilient and exciting ecosystem for residents, visitors and wildlife.”

Row of planted saplings
Image © Owen Newman, LANCETrust

Planting and other work will continue over the weekend, so if you would like to be involved in the most ambitious hedge planting project in North Somerset, the team of volunteers will be meeting opposite Long Ashton Business Park at 10 every morning.

For info, contact LANCET2021@protonmail.com or Jack Bowman, Wildlife and Woodland Expansion Officer

Main image and text Cathy Parnham