New lambs at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm 

Lambing season has begun at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm with the birth of Dorset lambs.

Dorset lambs are renowned for their distinctive appearance with a white woolly coat and alert, friendly demeanour, as well as their adaptability to various climates and high-quality, fine-textured wool. 

Eleanor Steeds, farm section leader at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm, said, “The farm barn has once again come alive with the playful antics of these adorable additions. We’ve named our first trio of lambs Bounty, Bon Bon and Lollipop!”

Steeds added, “Dorset sheep are unique in that they are not seasonal breeders so can lamb at any time of the year. They are a great breed for our first lambs of the season and give us something to focus on as the new year begins.”

Lambs with mum

Images courtesy of and distributed by Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm™